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why can't you apologize for insulting or using bad language-- to someone you don't even know and are messaging for the first time.  it makes you look bad, and i'm just trying to let you know this. and i do use critique and everyone's input is helpful to me.  you have to know how to explain yourself and discuss your point, complaint, or idea, without insulting a person and their work. there may be small flaws or error that may have been missed before the submission and i always correct these. sometimes it takes more than one message to understand the issue or problem, but that is the point of showing one's work to others and that's how everyone improves. i do appreciate people pointing errors out.  sometimes i don't see what the matter is with an image, and i quickly fix it.  it could be because sometin that went wrong when a photo was taken or someting  i didn't notice when submitting. then people get all personal and make me feel like i'm doing a horrible job or that my work is awful, that they hate the work, my portfolio, how i look, and that they don't want to see any more of my work. all of these people miss the point of the work and completely miss the most important themes that run through the work.  they miss the highlights, and nitpick on the small technicalities of editing that i eventually get to. Attacking a person and their sense of art and vision of art, just because you don't get it, is just hurtful because a person doesn't have control of their sense of art, it defines who they are and comes instinctively.  if you don't understand the meaning of something, or need to have a q answered, ask and do it politily.  nobody assumes others are going to get the same thing; it's obvious certain people see different things in a single piece of work.  everyone can agree in the mistakes made that could be fixed.  there's a manner to address the issues that need to be given more attention to.  some people do not see the art, but only peripheral issues, quite easily fixed. It is important if you notice something to be professional when helping someone out with their gallery.  Especially when you're helping someone like me, who has lots of images, and sometimes finding small mistakes for me is a time-crunch/impossibility, and like finding a needle in a haystack.  I do try to cut down on the number of images that i start out with and eventually need edit.  This gives noone the right to jump to conclusions and start being immature and even insulting me.  Nobody likes getting such messages from people who are supposed to be helping and working together.  having control of your language is important in communicating.  otherwise, don't even message someone.  i must say although i enjoy getting feedback from people, the once a while when i get insulted just ruins my mood and breaks my heart. the worst thing is making assumptions, like assuming that i don't want to improve.  that is not for you to say such a thing.  i have started submitting bigger file sizes, and everytime there is something new to be experimented with and things to be learned i take advice from those with more experience and skill than i in certain areas or tasks.

i do want to improve.  but saying that the work i have already submitted which may contain some flaws that could be edited is a reflection of who i am..i learn from the errors and if there are nothing to be improved on then there is nothing to grow from which makes no sense.  but fixing images aside, you may feel intensely that an error must be fixed, and tell someone.  that is great.  always, have respect when speaking to someone.  
nobody wants to hear your insults.  if you didn't care about someone or them improving their work then don't message them. if you message them, have the dignity to leave a nice message, it can be short, or long, discuss something technical, or make a suggestion.  anything more is too much and unnecessary.  if the work was perfect, then what would be the point of asking for help in the first place.  

It's only a few days after this jolly time of year has started.  Please keep your spirits up, and help spread cheer to people you have anything to do with, and continue this year round.

once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR
*cheers to growth, kindness, peace, happiness
THANK YOU to friendship
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